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Published: 11.02.2016 Last modified:11.02.2016

The program for the efficiency calculation 1. The efficiency calculation of the simple economic transactions


In the previous topic, we told you how to download Efficiency_v2.16 free program for the efficiency calculation of the economic (or business) transactions. Now we can get to know how to use its possibilities to calculate the simple economic (business) transactions.

The splash screen will appear in front of you for a few seconds after starting the program (Figure1).

Fig.1 Splash screen of the Efficiency_v2.16 program

Now we will learn how the possibility of determination of efficiency of simple economic transactions is realized in the Efficiency_v2.16 program. The needed program window will open when you right-click on the button "Calculation of simple transactions" (Figure 2).

Fig.2 The button of activation of the window for calculation of simple economic transactions.

After pressing of the button, the window of data input and calculation of indicators of simple transactions opens (Figure 3).

Fig. 3 The window of data input and calculation of indicators of simple transactions

Any simple economic transaction can be described as three basic indicators. There are the "Expenses/Cost" (RE), the "Profits" (PE) and the "Time operation" (TO).

You need to enter the data of your transaction in certain cells of the program to calculate the basic indicators.

It is the most convenient way to enter data in the order like this - RE, PE, TO. The window "Expenses/Cost" (RE) is ready for data entry.

It is enough to key the necessary figure. Let it will be figure of "Expenses/Cost" (RE) of $2,3.

Having entered the necessary data, we press the "Enter" key and focus of data input automatically moves to the cell "Profits" (PE) (fig. 4).

Fig. 4 The selected cell for "Expenses/Cost" (RE) entering.

For example we can suppose that the income of transaction is $ 3. We enter such figure and we press "Enter" one more time (fig. 5).

Fig. 5 The selected cell of the "Profits" (PE) for data of the transaction.

Then the data input focus automatically moves to the cell "Time operation" (TO). For example, the transaction time makes four days. So, we enter necessary figure (fig. 6).

Fig. 6 The marked cell "Time operation" (TO) for entering a figure of transaction time

And we press a key “Enter” again (fig. 7).

Fig. 7 The results of calculation of simple economic transaction.

The last pressing of the ”Enter” key leads to visualization of data of these transactions in the "Results table"(1). There are values of all main indicators of economic transaction, including its efficiency below at the left (2). The both basic data of transaction and settlement indicators are displayed by one line in the right table (3).

The calculation of the efficiency simple transaction is finished.

The following subject will be devoted to possibility of input of data files of simple economic transaction with the set step (or interval).

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