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Published: 23.02.2016 Last modified:23.02.2016

The program for efficiency calculation 3. How to load the results in Excel and make their graphic visualization


In the previous topic, we've told you how to calculate the efficiency of any group of simple economic transactions, using the Efficiency Program.

As you already know, it is convenient to use the built-in opportunities of the Efficiency program, if you are interested in changing of one or several basic parameters of target operation at the same time.

But, it is more convenient to transfer the data, for example, in Excel and to construct the schedule for evident representation of change of values of the indicators interesting us.

We should load the Efficiency program (Fig.1)

Fig.1 Splash screen of the Efficiency_v2.16 program

and choose "Evaluation of simple transactions" (Fig. 2)

Fig. 2

Let’s establish the interval of expenses/cost (RE) and profits (PE) as 0.1 for their automatic changing. The transaction expenses are 3 units, the profit is 4 units, time of operation is 2 days. We have to press Enter key or OK Button after entering the data. (Fig.3)

Fig. 3

Open Excel (Fig. 4)

Fig. 4

Then we should transfer the data in Excel spreadsheet by clicking "Excel" button (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5

After that we should select the column with the data efficiency. On the Insert tab, in the Charts group, choose Line, and select Line with Markers (Fig. 6).

Fig. 6

You can make design of the charts for receiving the esthetically normal perception. Also you can move a copy of the column of expenses/costs (RE) and profit (PE) to the right of the efficiency column, and expand the area of charting and make additional axle for efficiency (E) (fig. 7).

Fig. 7

You can see the combined charts of the income, expenses and efficiency of the created simple target operations.

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